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Wills Lawyers in Lismore

An expertly written Will and a well-planned Estate bring true peace of mind. It is one of the best investments you can make for your family’s future. At S+P Lawyers, we offer a highly experienced Wills and Estate Team.

The Wills and Estate Plans we prepare for our clients are as individual as you are. In preparing your Will, we obtain detailed instructions from you, advise you through each step and ensure the Will accurately reflects your wishes. That’s our promise.

We also help you guard against the most common mistakes made when preparing a Will, such as not keeping your Will up-to-date, not providing for dependants, leaving someone out, being ambiguous or too informal, not specifying debts to be paid or taking tax into account, not nominating guardians, bequeathing assets not owned by you, using beneficiaries as witnesses, and not telling people where your Will is located!

For many people, the Wills we prepare are straightforward. As an example, your Will appoints your spouse/partner as the executor and beneficiary, and in the event of that person’s death, appoints one or more of your children as executors and leaves the whole of the estate equally between the children. Wills like these still need careful attention to detail, yet are reasonably quick to complete.

But as in life, things are not always that simple. Our Wills and Estate team also has extensive experience in preparing more complex Wills, such as those for blended families, where one or both partners were married previously, and have children from previous relationships and children of their own.

Some Wills need more detailed estate planning tools, including testamentary trusts, accounting for partnerships, companies, superannuation, farms, businesses and substantial assets with family trusts or other complex arrangements.

In many cases, our team works with financial planners, accountants and other tax experts to ensure your Estate Plan is optimised for the best result. It’s never a matter of one size fits all.

Our solicitors are happy to attend at a hospital, hospice or care facility if you are unable to come into our office.

As your legal team we take care of all your Will and Estate Planning needs including:

  • Appointing appropriate Executors and Trustees – those you choose to administer your Estate
  • Appointing Testamentary Guardians – essential when you have young children
  • Establishing Testamentary Trusts
  • Appointing Enduring Guardians for health and lifestyle matters should you be unable to make decisions for yourself
  • Making an Advance Directive Health Care plan
  • Establishing enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Taxation implications
  • Specific gifts
  • Setting up Trusts during your lifetime
  • Keeping your Will/Power of Attorney/Enduring Guardian in safe custody

See our schedule of fees for Wills and Estate Planning documents.